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Other Hugill Verses

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Other verses from Hugill's Shanties from the Seven Seas

8. I wisht I was in the "Jolly Sailor",
Along with Irish Kate a-drinking beer,
And then I thought what jolly chaps were sailors,
And with me flipper I wiped away a tear.

11. I felt that I should skip and join another,
'Twas plain that I had joined a lousy bitch;
But the chances were that I might join a worser,
And we might get through the voyage without a hitch.

12. I axed the mate a-which a-watch was mine-O,
Says he, "I'll soon pick out a-which is which",
And he blowed me down and kicked me hard a stern-O,
Calling me a lousy, dirty son-of-a-bitch.

14(a). The mate he lost his head - he didn't savvy 'cos
The Johns were talking lingoes all galore
So the Old Man thought the only thing to do was
To pay the ugly bastards off and ship some more

16. But when we got to bully old Vallaparaiser,
In the Bay we dropped our mudhook far from shore;
The Old Man he refused to let us raise her,
And he stopped the boarding-masters coming aboard.

18. But Jimmy the Wop he knew a thing or two, sir,
And soon he'd shipped me outward bound again;
On a Limey to the Chinchas for guanner,
And soon was I a-roaring this refrain.

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