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Andy McKay & Carole Etherton


1. Have a Good Time, It isn't a sin and it isn't a crim
2. Stones,  A song by Jon Heslop about - stones
3. Old Jim Jones, Not the poacher who got transported
4. Limestone Harvest, More stone
5. Closing of the Day,  Blackbird sings
6. Navigator Lady, Woman leading the way
7. Laying up Silver,  Is like laying up sand
8. Out the Sands, Fishing for cockles
9. Captain Courtney's Mistake, Contraband troubles

10. Gargoyles, Stones with attitude
11. Cobre Days, Copper and mosquitoes
12. Pirate's Wench, Doubling her doubloons
13. 'Orrible Lies, Don't try this at home
14. The Swansea Devil, Old Nick himself
15. Silver and Sand, More silver. More sand
16. Poling Copper, Another heavy metal number
17. Johnny Come over the Hill, Three musketeers on Gower
18. Let Me Breathe, An incident from the Great War

1. Down in a Diving Bell, Trad arr. McKay/Etherton
2. Scarecrow, Maria Cunningham - the straw man
3. Walk Her Away, Dockside capstan shanty
4. Icy Acres, Colin Wilkie - farewell to the north
5. Harriet Lane, Actually an early tinned meat product
6. Big Lil, Campaigner for safety on Hull trawlers
7. Shirley's Little Sunburnt Spot, John 'Mitch' Mitchell - a sore point
8. Butterflies, The end of the Swansea oyster fishery
9. Love Now Let Me Call Your Name, Brian Ingram - a love song
10. A Smugglers' Song,Rudyard Kipling - ponies at night

11. Too High or Else Too Low, A tale of itinerant metal work - or not?
12. Childe The Hunter, Dark deeds on Dartmoor
13. Mary Baker, Portsmouth New Hampshire, USA
14. Laszlo Feher, East European song trans A L Lloyd
15. May No More, Maggie May's side of the story
16. Tomorrow Noon , bEmigration to the New World

1. All Washed Up Ashore, Hurricanes and the drinking dens of Valparaiso
2. Made Of Wood, The ship's carpenter is an important man
3. Poling Copper, A hard way to earn your pay
4. Young Billy Young, Adventures with the French
5. Cobre Days, Profits set ahead of public safety
6. Lifeboat Horses, Horses have minds of their own
7. Mumbles Hornpipe Set (tunes)
Two Welsh tunes from our area
8. Jerry the One-Legged Rigger, A true story of triumph over adversity
9. Bronze and Brass, Swansea's prosperity depended on copper
10. Drinks at the Cuba, Swansea sailors have their last drinks ashore

11. Dead Reckoning, Old skills made redundant
12. Greenholme/ The Ivy House , Two more traditional dance tunes
13. The Queen of Swansea, Death in the frozen north
14. The Good Ship Skyvie, Don't take this one too seriously
15. By Harry, Sometimes survival is victory
16. Navigator Lady, Britain's first female ship's officer
17. Pennbucky to Llangenny, Coming home can be the hardest part
18. Elephants' Teeth, The teeth are out there somewhere

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