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Dick Miles

Dick Miles has a deep interest in traditional music and is well known for his rendering of such great ballads as Lord Bateman and Tam Linn. He is also a skilled writer of songs on modern themes. Dick was born and raised in Suffolk, and his East Anglian roots run deep; some of his best songs are based on wonderful traditional tales of the region.
Now living in Ireland, Dick finds that he is marrying some of the influences of the local traditional music into his own style. Particularly well known for his singing at maritime festivals including Merseyside and Lancaster, he performs in Folk Festivals and clubs all over the British Islands, (in the geographical sense). He has broadcast with the BBC and other radio stations in programmes of folk music. Dick's repertoire reflects his interest in sailor songs, while some of his own compositions are about the subjects that mariners sang about in the 'forebitters' with which they entertained each other 'off watch' and in 'establishments of various kinds' ashore.

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