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Shanty Annas

The Shanty Annas came into being late in 2009, as a result of Terri Messenger having what seemed like a good idea at the time, that of forming a group to sing shanties and sea songs.  She was probably under the influence of something at that time and most definitely so when she invited some like-minded singers from up and down the country to join in.  

Penny 'Anna Glypta' Ward, Simone 'Anna Phylaxis' Davis, Fiona 'Anna Conda' Campbell, and Jane  'Anna Quay' Gilday, with Terri 'Anna Notherthing ' Messenger make up the Shanty Annas and form what may not be Britain's first Female Shanty crew but it's certainly the one that giggles most.  

The Black Lion, Plaistow in May 2010 saw our first 'outing' in an unofficial capacity and short formation just to see if we could do it in front of people.  Turns out we could, were quite well received and got our first groupie (who isn't related) so we carried on.   

Our first official 'full formation' outing came at the 'Wail'  in Dorset, in September 2010, where we treated a tent load of folkies to 'General Taylor', 'Mingulay Boat Song' and  'Pique la Baleine'  a French whaling shanty (available on YouTube).  Having passed through this 'Ordeal by Tankard'  we have launched ourselves on the unsuspecting public in various places and some have even asked us to come back next year!

We sing a mixture of working songs and songs about the sea; a blend of big voices and rich harmonies.

For more information or to book us go to our website

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