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Bones Workshops

During the festival the Dutchman Hans Weehauzan will run workshops on ‘How to Play the Bones’
No maritime festival in the UK or abroad would be complete without the addition of a workshop by Hans.

The bones are one of the oldest instruments. Used to provide rhythmic accompaniment they are still popular in Ireland.

On board ship, particularly whale fishermen would have had easy access to the materials to make 'bones' or ‘rattle bones’ from whale bone. In modern times this material is less readily available and sheep bones or wood are used and make excellent alternatives. This deceptively simple instrument requires skill and practice but can provide an astonishingly rich variety of rhythms and sounds.

The Workshop will:-
1. Teach you the first steps in playing the bones.
2. Give you information and material so you can practice.

The workshops are free of charge. Look for them in the festival program.

Hans sells packs with Bones, instructions and music for those who want to carry on learning and will have them available at the festival. See his member’s page for more information.

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