STRESS RELIEVING SERVICES. (BAT Vibratory Stress Relieving)

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We have over twenty five years exsperance of on site non-thermal  stress relieving of metal components.

What is Vibratory Stress Relieving

Every engineering component has a series of inherent natural frequencies.
A resonant peak occurs when the induced frequency of the vibrator coincides with the structure's natural frequency and this can be seen, felt or displayed on a meter, chart recorder etc.  At resonance the cyclic input force will be magnified by between fifty and a hundred times. Treatment at  and about these resonant peaks is the basis of resonance VSR. The basic theory is that, at resonance, the imposed strains adds to the residual strains causing local plasticity in areas of stress, treatment at a series of such resonance's, each with a different strain pattern, causes substantial reduction and redistribution to low levels of the overall stress field.

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